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"Only when the pond is calm can it reflect the light that shines upon it." 

Four Pillars Qigong

Four Pillars Qigong


QiGong, sometime spelled Chi Kung, Ki Kung, is a practice, an exercise. Qi representing energy, air, and Gong representing work, exercise. So together they mean energy work, air exercise. 

​Qigong combines physical movements, breathing practices, mental visualizations, and in some cases vocalizations, to bring about energetic harmony, calming of the mind, balancing of the emotions and greater overall health and vitality.

Four Pillars Qigong

Worldwide there are literally hundreds, if not more, of styles of Qigong.

 Each of these styles provide great benefits with consistent daily practice, but with the demanding busy lifestyle of the western world, it is a common struggle to maintain that daily practice.

With this in mind, Gary developed the Four Pillars Qigong Method.  A Qigong method to accommodate modern  culture. The practice requires little physical space.It can be practiced morning or evenings, indoors or out, even while travelling. 

Four Pillars Qigong consists of four Qigong practices that combine into the Four Pillars Qigong Method.

  • Pillar one is the Three Breaths - the pillar of Happiness
  • Pillar two is the Nine Breaths - the pillar of Peacefulness
  • Pillar three is the Twenty Eight Breaths - the pillar of Prosperousness
  • Pillar Four is the Thirty Six Breaths - the pillar of Healthiness

​This is unique as each set of breaths can be a practiced on its own and also combined with any of the other pillars. This Qigong Method assists us in achieving what most of us desire in life, Happiness, Peacefulness, Prosperousness, and Healthiness, and when practiced regularly helps us to maintain a balanced and harmonious life.

Why would you want to learn and practice Qigong?

Here are a few reasons to learn and practice Qigong.

to regain health
to heal oneself
to heal others

to re-energize

to rejuvenate
to strengthen
to increase vitality
to de-stress
to balance your self mentally, emotionally and physically
to increase your performance in almost anything, sports, exercise, study, career

Sound Healing

Singing Bowl Healing

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a modality that utilizes the power of sound and vibration to bring one to a deep condition of relaxation, harmonizing the body organs and systems, promoting the bodies natural healing capabilities.

Sound Healing uses the Himilayan singing bowls  and other sound healing instruments, ie gongs, chimes etc, placed either around the body, above the body or on the body or a combination of the three. The vibrations of the bowls travel deep into the body, well past the surface and into the organs and cells. It is a total body vibrational massage unlike any other experience.

Introduction to Sound Healing - Healing with a Single Bowl

Introduction to Sound Healing - Healing with a Single Bowl - 8Hrs $250.00

Each participant will learn

  • Singing bowl history
  • How singing bowls are made
  • How sound healing works
  • Singing bowl playing techniques
  • Singing bowl healing techniques 
  • Self healing singing bowl techniques
  • Meditating with a singing bowl

A singing bowl and striker are available for purchase at the class

Sound Healing - Healing with a Single Bowl Advanced

Sound Healing - Healing with a Single Bowl Advanced - 16 hrs $375.00

Each Participant will learn 

  • Review of Introduction to Sound Healing techniques
  • Using singing bowls to break up energy blockages
  • Using singing bowls to create energy flow
  • Balancing the chakras with a single singing bowl
  • Overall body energy balancing  with a single singing bowl

Introduction to Sound Healing - Healing with a Single Bowl is a prerequisite. 

Sound Healing - Healing with a Single Bowl Space Clearing

Sound Healing - Healing with a Single Bowl Space Clearing- 8 hrs $250.00

Each Participant will learn 

  • How to clear the space of individual room
  • How to clear space of a building
  • How to clear the energy of objects
    • Large objects or small objects

Introduction to Sound Healing - Healing with a Single Bowl and Sound Healing with a Single Bowl Advanced are required prerequisites to this class. 

Coming Soon - Sound Healing with Three Bowls

Coming Soon - Sound Healing with Three Bowls

International Academy Of Sound Healing Training

International Academy Of Sound Healing - Intro Workshop​

2 - 3 hrs. - Mind , Body , Spirt Detox and Realignment workshop with world's one of the most amazing & powerful Ancient, cosmic healing instruments Tibetan Singing Bowls. 

This workshop covers different aspects of Tibetan Singing Bowls with Lecture , Audio - visual presentations & live demonstrations of different form of healing and therapies with healing & transformational energies of TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS - 

Healing with Singing Bowls is a scientific & proven modality and has been accepted with tremendous approval in Europe, USA & Orient and is becoming the forerunner of Sound Therapy, worldwide.

After attending this workshops, One can have a clearcut and indepth understanding of this amazing, ancient Sound Healing Science and its applications. 
* Experience the deepest level of Peace & Calm. 
* Clear your energetic mind body & energetic system of negative beliefs, memories, emotions that are causing Pain, Anxiety, Physical, Emotional & Financial blocks.
* Realign yourself to your divine matrix of Perfection & Wholeness.

International Academy Of Sound Healing - Basic Workshop - 8 Hrs

Learn the science & philosophy of Sound healing with  Audiovisual presentation 

Group Healing sessions with life-transforming healing powers of SOUND, A unique experience for each & every workshop participant

  • An Introduction to Cosmic Sound Healing Instrument: Singing Bowls 
  • Therapeutic approach to play Singing Bowls 
  • Scientific explanation about Disease, Stress, Meditation, Sub-conscious mind & self-healing mechanism 
  • Demonstration & Hands-on Training: Self-healing techniques with IASH Unique Meditation & Healing Singing Bowl 
  • Question Answer Session & Certification 

International Academy Of Sound Healing - Advanced  Sound Healing - 16 hrs

A. Detailed and in-depth understanding 
1. Sound Energy
2. Cosmic & Sacred, Sound healing Instrument “Tibetan Singing Bowls” & its healing and transformational energies – with practical demonstrations & audio visual presentation
B. Singing Bowls – Playing Techniques
C. Demonstration, Teaching & Practice of
1. Brain Wave Relaxation Therapy
2. Mind Detoxifaction Therapy
D. Diff. kind of Therapeutic application of Singing Bowls       

  • To heal Circulatory Problems
  • To alleviate digestive Problems
  • Lowering High Blood pressure
  • application in joint problems, shoulder & neck tension
  • Alleviating headaches & diff. body pain
  • To fight negative stress with relaxation
  • AURA Healing  with Singing Bowls
  •  Foot massage & foot sound bath
  •  Reflexology and working with reflex points
  •  Spiritual Enlightenment.

E. Group Healing Session ( for a group of 10 – 100 people ) with Singing Bowls
F.  Cellular toxins cleansing – A holistic healing therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls
G.  Science of Mind, working with Positive affirmations and application of Singing Bowls

Gary provides private training upon request.

Message Healing and Meditation


Message Healing Practitioner Training - 16 Hrs


This course takes the messages of the Divine Messages book and Guidance cards and shows participants how to use to assist in healing of themselves and for others.

Topics covered include

  • What Message Healing is
  • Developing yourself as a healer
  • Client engagement and interactions
  • Preparing for a session
  • Healing the past
  • Healing physical 
  • Healing emotions
  • Healing the spirit

Meet me in a Thin Place - Nine Weeks Meditation


Each week takes the participants through a different and unique way to create your own 'thin place'. The 'thin place' is where the space between the physical and spiritual becomes thin, and communication and access between the two realms is easier.

The meditation techniques are non-sectarian in nature

9 Weeks Meditation Themes

  • Cleanse
  • Visualize
  • Listen
  • Feel
  • Receive
  • Speak
  • Move
  • Now
  • Be Guided