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"As much as busyness and activity is a natural state of mind, so to is quiet and stillness a natural state of mind. " 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Divine Calligraphy?

 Divine Universal Calligraphies and messages are unique. There are many forms of calligraphy, all equally beautiful, many spiritually  and or energetically charged. What most of them have in common is they are a form of human expression, meaning that the calligraphy characters are from human language and represents human expression. This is the part where Divine Universal Calligraphy is different from human language calligraphy. Divine Universal Calligraphy is a spiritual and or energetic language, not based on human language or expression, but based on spirit language, energy language, universal language, or even Divine Language.  

Every time one of these is flowed ,it is unique and different, no two are ever the same, much in the same way there are no two moments that are exactly alike. Every flowed calligraphy comes from  an inspirational place, not form the conscious mind. 

These Divine Calligraphy artworks are the doorway to possibility, an invitation to release where needed and embrace the limitless energy of the Universe to ignite us on the journey.  Each unique expression of art and meaning, holds within it Messages, not just of this world, but from a place where energy began.  These Divine Calligraphies are not my own, but yours, ours.  They are a gift to all.  My job is simply to receive them and share them as I am called.  What you do with them, how they serve you in your life, personally, professionally, is the gift you offer yourself and the world around you.    

The purpose of these Divine Calligraphy artworks is to awaken the innate wisdom and internal guidance within you and to powerfully transform and inspire you, those you love and live with, the team you work with, the customers and community that look to you for service.   

I have experienced the mystery and miracles that happen when I am simply open to the divine within and all around me, when I tap the energy of this Divine Calligraphy and the Messages received and delivered.  It is my dearest hope and my greatest wish that what is offered here serves as a gateway for healing, joy, love and limitless abundance in your own life.    ~ Gary  

What is Qigong ?

   QiGong finds its roots in ancient Asia, China and other parts of Asia. It is sometimes thought to be part of martial arts, or part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but it is a practice that has value all on its own and has been found in ancient writings dating back thousands of years. QiGong, sometime spelled Chi Kung, or Ki Kung, is a practice, an exercise. Qi representing energy, air, and Gong representing work, exercise. So together they mean energy work, air exercise. 

That is the simple explanation and really sums it up well. But as with all simple things, there is always so much more that initially meets the eye.

Qigong combines physical movements, breathing practices, mental visualizations, and in some cases vocalizations, to bring about energetic change and balance. 

Qigong has the potential to be a whole being experience. What does that mean. Well, for some it can be a simple physical exercise, or a practice to heal and promote healing, but for others it can become an experience that touches more than the physical, it touches the mind, the emotions, the energy and the spirit as well. When this happens then Qigong becomes very transformational. The practice brings together those aspects of ourselves into one being, balanced and harmonious, in one moment as it flows to the next moment. 


How does sound healing work?

Sound vibrational healing and meditation is an ancient science that uses the harmonic sounds and vibrations of himilayan singing bowls, gongs and other harmonic instruments, to re-awaken and enhance our own innate self healing mechanisms. It is one of the few complimentary healing modalities that serves our emotions, mind, energy and spirit in addition to our body.

It is a very gentle yet powerful experience, where the bowls or gongs are placed around the body, over the body and in the case of the bowls, they can be placed on the body. 


 "Gary Savitsky is a true healer and we are blessed to have him in our city.  My healing sessions with Gary have been truly inspiring and have impacted my life tremendously.  After my sessions with him, I am amazed at the difference he makes to eliminate or diminish my pain.  I enter in almost unable to walk and leave with ease, pain free.  I highly recommend this wonderful healer with his beautiful presence to anyone seeking health, wholeness and well being."

Debbie Matson ~ class participant and client

Marketing Representative

The Chronicle-Journal



"The incredible results I have had with Gary are beyond any of my expectations and my soul is smiling as I write this.  The transformational process/experience of simply 'showing up' to Gary's classes was humbling and profound.  Gary has so much to offer the world and I am so grateful to be at the right place at the right time.  I have been touched and opened in a very deep place."

Tasha Sutton

Class participant



"Before working with Gary we were, as a business, experiencing the frustration of having so much to offer and yet not being able to reach a larger audience...  Working with Gary and receiving a Divine Calligraphy scroll has been very powerful - it has brought ... and increase in creativity and a removal of blockages that brings a greater harmony and, as a result, greater success."

Joyce Brown & Patty Baker

Heart of the Tao, J&P Enterprises




"Gary is the most spiritually connected individual we have ever met.  The depth that he brings to our classes is unique and intense, and there is an air of comfort, trust and respect.  His knowledge is very deep on the subject whether it is healing, spirituality, or helping us though our journey.  Gary's Divine Calligraphies are a wonderful way to allow us to connect to the healing energies that he has channeled, which helps us to heal ourselves and to heal others.  His experience is vast on this subject and some of the time we wonder where he goes to find that Divine Energy.  We are so very grateful."

Debbie & Fernando SantaMaria

Workshop Participants & Divine Calligraphy Clients 




" I consider myself fortunate for the opportunity to have had Gary Savitsky in my home to "flow" numerous Divine Calligraphies on behalf of my brother, my mother-in-law, my wife and myself.  I was most impressed with the process and results.  To begin the process, Gary took whatever time that was appropriate to connect with his gifts. Then, with great care and purposefulness, a new and unique "work of art" is formed.  During and following the composition of each work, Gary shared with us some of the deeper meanings associated with them as well as touching on further aspects of their innumerable uses – one of which for me had profound meaning and has dramatically impacted my own spiritual journey.  I keep my “work of art” at the head of my bed and “connect” with it most evenings prior to going to sleep.  Not only is this a beautiful drawing to view but for me it has a very deep spiritual meaning and it continues to evoke blessings and healings for me each day.   I am most grateful to Gary for sharing his gifts with us."  And...   

"I absolutely Loved the beautiful Divine Calligraphy Gary did for my son's birth.  I've received amazing feedback on the wonderful calligraphy artwork from my family and friends.  Gary and his creations are Works of Art!"  

Stan Terhljan  

Divine Calligraphy Client  


"I am blessed and in deep gratitude for Gary Savitsky. - for the flowed Divine Calligraphies, the Divine Messages book, his Divine Messages Energy Healing Practitioner program, his gentle guidance, trusting and inspiring mentoring, profound teachings, generous sharings, life-changing personal healings, remarkable group healings, magical meditations, blissful sound healings...all delivered in open-hearted friendship.  Gary's humble 'of service' and 'in flow' approach has facilitated my personal soul expansion beyond anything I knew possible. 

He is an artful Messenger ... a Master ... a man of integrity and grace ... and is unconditional love personified.  He is a true treasure.  

I full-heartedly recommend Gary to anyone seeking more ... of themselves ... in all ways."

Jacqueline Crevier Wick

Long-term workshop participant and Divine Calligraphy Client


" When Gary first talked to me in Toronto about the scrolls he creates, he was being very low key and modest.  Over dinner he showed me pictures on his IPad of his work, and I could feel the energy vibrating through the computer screen.  This was the first time I had experienced such a high vibrational frequency from a work of art, and it was amazing.  

A few weeks after Gary graduated as an NLP Master Practitioner in Toronto, he sent me an email telling me his website for the channeled artwork was up and that he was sending me a package.  A very peaceful energy arrived before the package, and when the package arrived the energy was even more peaceful.   I opened the package and discovered a beautiful scroll.  I read the certificate and bubbled with tearful joy when I saw the characters said "Change Now".  These are the two most common words I use, during the training classes, and during my one-on-one client sessions, and I could feel each word in a completely different way.   

So let me fast forward to now.  The lovely scroll is hanging in my downtown office.  Each day when I am in the office, I touch the seal and activate the energy for the day.  During the day I make sure my clients and students can see the scroll, especially when I say "Change Now" or even "Now Change".  The changes they desire, happen very quickly for them, and for me.  What I have come to appreciate more and more each day is the peacefulness that I am experiencing at the end of each day.  When I leave the office I say thank you, tap the seal, and enjoy the rest.   Within the busyness of life and work, comes the peacefulness of success. 

Thank you Gary.  I will continue to tell my friends and clients about the magic of the scroll, every chance I get.Elizabeth Payea Butler 

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